Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How I handle my work and revision!

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Hey guys! As I mention in most of my blogposts I am currently in the midst of courses for very important exams. I like to think that I have managed to get on top of my work and thought I would share my tips and tricks with you all about how I manage to get it all done on time.


I find that a diary is very useful in staying on top of my work. 

I bought mine from Whsmith and it is designed by Edward Monkton. I love it as it has funny quotes inside it and cartoon pictures. It has a individual days of the week and a notes page next to them so you can write notes about what you need to do involving those chores. I am procrastinator and find writing down everything in the diary makes me do my work. Its very useful and would recommend everyone get one even if you don't get that much work.


I use folders to organise my work. As I have so many subjects to study for I find it difficult to seperate the work. Using different coloured folders I can clearly see which folder is for what. You can also use dividers inside them to divide topics you are doing in each subject. The ones to the left are all from Tesco and are all under £5.


My personal favourite type of revision is rewriting everything you know until you remember it. Using seperate notebooks for revision lets me refer to different subjects when I need too.

The Lisa Stickley notebook is what I use for my maths work. It is quite small and use a seperate page for each formula and example I need to remember. I update it throughout the year and at the time of the exam I have a clear step by step guide of the formulas.

This ten subject notebook (sorry I couldn't take a picture of whole notebook, it had personal information on it) I use for science revision. It divides its pages and I use each division to revise for a different topic. I bought this from Paperchase.


Highlighting key words and phrases means that you can easily pick out important information from your revision. You can use different colours to represent different types of information.

I hope this was useful to you all. If you have any extra tips on how you revise or keep up to date with your work please comment below!


Thursday, 10 April 2014

What to do when you have nothing else to do!

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As a young person I often find myself procrastinating and finding 'nothing else to do.' I am trying to break this cycle and make sure I am always doing something productive or fun. Here's a list of things I am trying to do to help myself:


1) Do some exercise

I know to some exercise is the end of the world but actually exercise is scientifically proven to make yourself feel happier. I love to go for a run or visit the gym when I'm not feeling too good. Try and wear bright, neon clothes as for some reason they just make you feel good. Its also healthy for you which is a good thing.

2) Find a DIY project

If I find myself with a spare week or two I love to find a DIY project to do. I like to go to old junk furniture stores and do them up or make a picture for my room ect. A Beautiful Mess or LaurDiy often give me inspiration to do something. When you have completed a DIY project it gives you a fabulous sense of accomplishment.

3) Read a book

I know this one will have some of you cringing but regardless you can learn so much from simply reading a book. A few of my favourites include A Catcher in the Rye, Looking for Alaska and Perks of Being a Wallflower. It can expand your vocabulary and also inspire you to do something else.


This one is mostly for the students like myself. Rather than not doing anything why don't you actually complete that essay or read that booklet? I know this is something I definitely need to work on myself.

There are loads of other things you could do as well but I hope this gave you a couple of ideas. What do you do to keep yourself occupied? Comment below.

Evie x

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Search for the Perfect Swimsuit

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As it gets towards the hot part of the year more and more people are on the hunt to find their perfect swimsuit. It can be very difficult to find the perfect swimsuit for your figure and that ecentuniates all the correct 'bits.' I have got a couple of different styles for you to look at and hopefully you will be able to find something to suit:

Okay, so lets start of with my favourite one. Bright colours and bold prints are perfect for summer and this bikini has both of these trends. The way the twist in the top half sits makes it very flattering on the bust. It has the classic necktie which, again, looks nice on the bust. The bottoms also sit comfortably and will make any bum look good. 

The best thing about this bikini is it comes with a matching cover up and hat. The cover up has a pull-tie in the middle which helps compliment your waist. These all come from Joules

If bikinis aren't really your thing, Joules do some lovely swimsuits too. 

This one has ruching at the front and sides which means it is very flattering. This is definitely one for the girls who perhaps feel a bit more insecure about their stomachs. The ruching somehow seems to just pull you in. The skirting effect is also very complimentary on the body, including your legs. 

They do many other ones as well, like the ones above. You can click to find them. They're good quality and I 100% recommend them. You can find a type to suit every body shape.
I hope this helped you find a better idea of what type of swimsuit you might what to get this year. What type of swimming costume do you usually wear? Comment below.



Tuesday, 1 April 2014

AX Paris' SS14 TV Campaign

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I don't know about other people but I prefer to stick to the brands I know. Topshop; New Look; Asos and recently AX Paris. I didn't know all that much about AX Paris until I watched their recent TV campaign:

I didn't realise they did such beautiful dresses. The scene in their campaign was gorgeous, a big manor house. THAT is the house I want to live in when I have the money (if I ever have the money). The stand out dresses for me were:

Its a shame I hadn't heard much about AX Paris before hand. I became more and more intrigued with this company so I decided to look Behind The Scenes.  Looking at it, it looked like great fun to be on set that day.

So if you have not had a look at AX Paris yet I seriously recommend you do. Its got some beautiful clothes at cheap prices. Not forgetting good quality. Click here to visit the site.

Where are your favourite online places to shop?

Evie x

Monday, 31 March 2014

'Beauty drink?'

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So I know the title might have you wondering but recently I came across a website called Skinade which aims to sell a collagen drink which improves your skin within 30 days. I wanted to have a little bit of a nosey around and find out more about what they have to offer.

So basically the more collagen you have the more healthy your skin is. According to the website we lose 1% of collagen in our skin after the age of 20. The drink works from "the inside out to rebuild and strengthen the collagen matrix below the skin's surface, boost natural levels of hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles."Sounds scary right? I thought so too. However, apparently it works as 97.6% believed their skin looked more hydrated after just 30 days. Thats a pretty convincing statistic. It follows on with a further 95.1% believing their skin looked more radiant.

skinadeSkinade Before and Afterskinade

The results look pretty convincing. I think I will be picking myself some up even at the price of £90 of 30 days. What about you guys? 

In the meantime they are running a competition where you can win 30 days worth of Skinade for free. Just fill in the survey here to win (it wouldn't hurt to try). 
Evie x

Sunday, 30 March 2014

March favourites

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I have never done a favourites before....this will be interesting....
Hey guys, how are you doing? Can you believe that we are in April already? This means that summer is on its way and so are my major exams. But in between revising I have been trying a lot of products and have definitely found a few statement products.

1) Hoola Bronzer - Benefit

I am sure you, your mum, your brothers and your cats know about this bronzer. It is one of those classic make-up products which should be in everybody's make-up bags. I am am half-Irish, half-English which means I am extremely pale and sometimes struggle to find a bronzer that suits my skin tone however I find this works perfectly. If you blend this in with a large powder brush you can achieve a bronzed look without looking over the top.

2) Touche Eclat Foundation - Yves Saint Laurent

Unfortunately I do not have a bottle to show you but the reason for this I tried a sample...AND LOVED IT. I struggle with bad spots and this works well with pretty much any concealer in covering them. It is luminous and works perfectly in the transition of Spring. I think I will be saving up to buy the bigger bottle.

3) Cellulite Burning Cream - Along Came Betty

Along Came Betty is a random brand I came across when shopping in Tescos and fell in love with it. I have tried a lot of products from them and am yet to be disappointed. I do struggle with cellulite on my legs and stomach area and after using this for a couple of weeks I have seen large decreases on my stomach. I assumes this works best when also doing exercise (however, I don't).

4) Mitchum Deodorant 

This may seem a bit random but I think I have found my holy grail deodorant. I use this Mitchum roll-on in the morning and do not need to top up at all during the day. It does not have a distinct smell which means it does not counteract with the fragrance you may use on top at all. So if you are a person who struggles with deodorant I seriously recommend this.

So thats all I have to mention to you at the moment. If you liked this maybe I will make favourites a regular thing...who knows?

Leave a comment if you have tried any new products this month or if you would like a more in depth review of any of these?

Evie x

The Switch

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So you guys might have noticed but we have swapped the regular Blogger comment section to the Disqus commenting system.

The reason we made the decision to do this was because we personally prefer to comment with the Disqus system as it is easy and means you don't have to relogin or retype any information.

Once you have made a Disqus account you should be able to comment easily on any blog with the Disqus commenting system - easy as pie.

For any fellow bloggers thinking about changing to Disqus we would say absolutely yes do it. We already had a Disqus account to comment on other blogs so all we had to do was go to the Disqus website and click 'Add Disqus to your site' You then come to this page:

Its easy enough to insert your details and select what type of blog you have.

Once you have clicked registration you come to this page where you can select what type of blog you would like the commenting system to be for. In our case it was Blogger but it works in similar ways for most of the sites.

This was the bit I was most worried about. The 'Install Instructions.' I will quickly show you the stages:


After you click 'Add Widget' it takes you to your layout page. Simply click save and you are done.

This is to import any previous comments to your new commenting system. Click 'Import comments from Blogger'

It then takes you to this page. Click grant access and its done. It takes a good few hours for the    comments to be important to you will need to wait a while. They send you an email when you are done.


I didn't have to do this step as I have a new blogger template that doesn't use the old tags so it will be up to you to figure out whether you need to use this or not.

After all my comments were imported my new commenting system was good to go. We are so pleased that we decided to go ahead and switch to Disqus. We hope that you guys are also pleased that we did this and like the new system.

What commenting systems do you use?

Evie and Sofia x

Thank you for writing comments on our blog. We read every single one we get but unfortunately our blog template is not allowing us to reply to any right now. Speak to yall later. xo

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